"everybody within about 25 feet heard a loud "POP"!"

It was Wednesday, December 1, 2010.  I was doing a strange and intense move.  My left arm was completely crossed over to the right and fully extended.  I grabbed a jug sized hold, and my left foot came off which caused my body to barn-door to the right.  Totally dedicated to "sticking the move", I hang on while my are rotated outside when I and everybody within about 25 feet heard a loud "POP"!


Whats different about these two arms :(


So I went to the doctor, who accused me of being too old to play like that.  He insisted my arm was okay.  I told him I knew something was very wrong.  He finally prescribed a MRI, saying we were just looking for "micro tears".


MRI is amazing technology.


This is the cross section of line "A:7" above.

His nurse called the next morning, informing me how astonished he was that he was wrong.  The muscle is hanging on by about 5% of the remaining tendon!

He scrambled to get into an orthopedic surgeon to see me.  My wife, who is a world famous hand therapist, hooked me up with a specialist who has done this exact surgery hundreds of times.

So, I'm going in today, wednesday December 22, 2010 for the procedure.  I've never been under general anesthesia before, and I'm a little nervous.  The good news is, the prognosis is very good.  Most people who undergo this surgery report almost full strength in 9 to 12 months.

My good friend Jesiah pointed out there may be something else happening here:


Photo by Jesiah Bell.  I'm not sure how he got in there to take it.



I am nervous, but optimistic and ready to start the healing process!  Happy 2010 Holidays!!!

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